Sanofi/ Storytelling & Animation

The story of a lifelong journey in 81 seconds

In this video, pharma meets storytelling to show a family's multi-generation health journey and a pharma company that's there for them every step of the way. Sanofi’s agency in Hungary has reached out to us to develop the short film’s concept, storyline and design language for maximum impact. Here's a sneak peek into how we did it.


Art direction turns hard-to-express into easy-to-understand

Making an animated short film starts with developing a concept and a script. The backbones of any video project, these written documents are then transformed into a storyboard under the careful supervision of an art director. And finally, into the mood and tone of the movie. It’s the art director who translates ideas on paper into colours, characters and backgrounds, and copy into visual experience. They coordinate the work of an entire team of visionaries, including character and background designers, and create a balance between client demands and creative solutions.

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'This short film is a perfect example of when a brand message and artistic vision not only coexist but thrive together.'
daniel budai

David Vass

Art director