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PragMedic, a strategy advisory firm specialised in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sector, was founded by Brian D. Smith. Its work is based upon his ground-breaking research into the Darwinian evolution of business models and competitive strategies in the life sciences sector. With over 40 years of experience in scientific, commercial and academic roles, Brian is today a trusted adviser to some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical and medical technology space. He is also the author of 7 books and over 300 other publications in this area. Having recently started an exclusive, by-invitation-only webinar series for top pharma and medtech executives, he needed a visual identity that truly expressed that.

In designing the key visuals, the main challenge was to turn complex business topics into illustrations that are both smart and easy on the eye. This meant that we had to find the right mix of witty and serious, without making light of the issues at hand. We first drew inspiration from a publication that always gets this balance right, The Economist.

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As is often the case, our challenge was framed by some basic existing constraints, such as corporate colours and fonts, but the weakness of Pragmedic’s visual identity gave us little to build on.

Our goal was to come up with illustrations that are easy to read and understand, offsetting the complexity of the webinar titles. We envisioned clean lines, simple shapes and minimal detailing.

The ruby-coloured elements represent the problems the webinars focus on, sometimes turning them into easter eggs with new meanings. For example, the chasm in the rightmost picture below stands for both an implementation gap and how it can be bridged with the right strategy.





The animations are often injected with humour, be it the way miniatures take steps or an elephant moves around. Besides bringing some light-heartedness to the illustrations, they also make for attention-grabbing additions to LinkedIn feeds. 




'The need to pierce through the noise on social media, to get potential clients to engage with our webinar programme, led us to TRAFIK. Their simple but powerful visualisations, totally aligned to existing brand standards, resulted in an overwhelming response and an oversubscribed programme.'
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Professor Brian D Smith