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Virtual Christmas party brought to life

In 2020, work moved from the physical to the online sphere for many. Work events soon followed, from industry to social get-togethers. Medtronic, a global healthcare solutions company, faced the challenge of organising a year-end function and Christmas party for its CEE staff. Nine months into the pandemic, the Zoom fatigue had long set in for employees all across the globe. We knew that visuals that were just pretty wouldn’t cut it. What our client needed was a full-blown visual experience to keep guests involved and inspired from start to finish.

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Mission: matching brand, channel, theme and vision

Our task was twofold: to translate the Medtronic brand’s shape and colour scheme into festive designs that help maintain the event's flow – and to do so with limited tools compared to a physical event.

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During the design process, the guiding principle was simplicity, unity and dynamism.
In line with Medtronic’s visual identity, the event’s key visual became a bright-coloured background of individually animated squares and Christmas-themed icons (with the occasional cocktail). The advent calendar-inspired creative served as a backdrop both to the Zoom waiting room and during live streams.

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