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Smart storytelling for more efficient follow-up

With face-to-face interactions limited, pharma companies across the globe are looking for new ways to connect with healthcare professionals. As a result of ever-shortening field visits and growing information overload, getting your message across has never been more challenging. Boehringer Ingelheim Hungary’s cardiology team asked us to design an innovative tool to help sales representatives boost their impact with fewer in-person meetings.



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SUCCESsful storytelling to the rescue!

Ever since the Heath brothers’ must-read book, Made to Stick, came out, we’ve religiously applied the six principles of SUCCESs to create powerful stories that get heard and remembered. This is how Mr P came to be. He’s a cartoon patient with a set of symptoms that cardiologists would consider when prescribing medication. Mr P has helped us tell short, impactful stories in a highly unusual visual setting. Combined with the scientific expertise of Boehringer’s medical team, these stories are bound to resonate with doctors who treat patients like Mr P.



Field force adoption can make or break the implementation of a new tool

Mr P has been such a hit that field agents even got their own Mr P figurines as an end-of-year thank you from their managers.

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'The veemail fragment concept, which Trafik has helped us revamp, has been met with overwhelmingly positive reception among HCPs. Our digital communication-related KPIs have significantly improved, and the project has been adopted as best practice by our regional centre.'
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Laszlo Pal MD

Senior Medical Advisor