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AR explainer tool for driving patient adherence

Boehringer Ingelheim is always on the lookout for new and efficient digital solutions to bring their products closer to patients and healthcare professionals. For years, their Hungarian Pulmonology team had been looking for the right solution to demonstrate how Respimat, their innovative inhaler, gets medicine deep into the lungs to help improve patient adherence. Easily accessed through a phone using a QR code, our augmented reality (AR) tool enables healthcare professionals to clearly explains how it works and the benefits.

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Communicating biomedical concepts is right up our street

That’s because our CG artists work hand in hand with a team of seasoned scientists to make sure that our 3D visualisations are not only captivating but also anatomically correct.



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A successful design project starts with mapping end user needs.

In line with agile principles, we always take a holistic look at the customer or patient journey instead of focusing on a single, stand-alone tool. Great design is more than just an exciting concept or an aesthetically pleasing product. It’s also something that perfectly fits your audience’s media consumption and device preferences.

First, we assessed how often the target group consumes such content via mobile, what type of data plan they have and their level of QR code adoption. The design work only began when we were certain that we’d found the right platform.