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Patients have gone digital.
It's time for life sciences to meet them there.

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Whatever the future holds,
it will be digital.
For the health economy,
the time to get ready is now.

We help life sciences companies look and feel digital by creating content that engages and converts. Our team of graphic designers, animators, medical copywriters and project managers work together to turn data and technology into smart digital design. We work with minimal disruption and maximum speed, and with customer and regulatory expectations in mind. And we deliver on time, on brand and on budget.

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How we work

Valued, long−term partnershipsValued, long−term partnerships

In a field as fast-changing as digital communication, smooth, trust-based collaboration is key to keeping ahead of the curve. This is what we aim for with every project we work  on, and how we make sure our  clients think of us as important allies for years to come.

Quality delivered on scheduleQuality delivered on schedule

Agile is second nature to us. We’ve spent years shaping and reshaping our workflows and communication processes between account managers and designers to the point where no super-tight deadline or ASAP modification request can throw us off our game. Try us!

Creativity & compliance hand in handCreativity & compliance hand in hand

Creating high-quality, high-impact work isn't easy when you have to follow ABPI regulations, codes of practice and stringent intemal compliance. Check out our portfolio to see how we’ve risen to the challenge.


When it comes to digital communication, one size does definitely not fit all. Let us find the right design solution to share your brand message so it attracts attention and creates impact.


Explainer and product videos
Device and diagnostics animation
Drug MOA videos
Animated data visualization

Graphic designGraphic design

Digital promotional materials
Email campaigns
E-detailing design
Virtual conferences
Internal communication materials





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